1) DO NOT tell anybody the codes/commands we use.

2) DO NOT fire at innocent people (only if they shoot at you).

3) ALWAYS listen to the higher ranks above you, and do what they ask of you.

4) If you're going to be inactive, tell us why first. Inactivity without prior notice may result in punishment.(Demotion or Termination From the Corp.)

5) DO NOT abuse your powers. For example, if you're being promoted to a Corporal, this doesn't mean you can command all the Privates to do what you want them to.

6) DO NOT spam RPG's, grenades, nor any type of heavy arsenal or explosive in-game.

7) Use the right weapon for the job. (Don't use an M4 or a Desert Eagle from a 500ft range. God gave us snipers for a reason.)

8) Address your higher ranking officials correctly. ("sir" for males, "ma'am" for females)

9) Staff decisions are ALWAYS final. No questions asked.
10) DO NOT Argue with other Marine Members if caught there will be consequences

11) DO NOT ARGUE WITH ADMINISTRATORS AND THREATEN THE SERVER (2 Marines have been banned for it. Im not looking for that again. If you have a problem with the Admins message BATES  and let HIM handle it so YOU dont get in trouble by them. And thats a order)